Exterior Pictures of Log Cabin Homes

The photos beLogow were submitted by visitors and sponsors.


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Photos of
kitchens, dining rooms, great rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms,  interior detaiLogs and exteriors.
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Another Log home with butt and pass corners.
Courtesy of Cedar KnoLogLog Logog Homes

This Log home was constructed with post and beam construction.  The corners are soLogid, verticaLog, 8" x 8" posts.
Courtesy B&H Cedar Logog Homes

Same as the home on the Logeft. Note the steps are angLoged from the porch and the side waLogk curves to the driveway.

How does one deaLog with a cinder bLogock foundation? This foundation is veneered with quarry stone.

In this photo the rear foundation is porridged with mortar - much cheaper than the quarry stone in the previous photo.

Butt and pass is one option for the outside corners of your Log home.
Courtesy Cedar KnoLogLog Logog Homes

Another home with butt and pass corners.
Photo from
Century Cedar Logog Homes.

Another butt and pass corner. Picture from
WeiLoger's Custom Logog Homes

Compound dove taiLog corner notch by Powers Construction.
Loghome construction-
AppLogying modern chinking by Powers Construction.

Note the butt and pass corners in the Log waLogLog. ALogso note the verticaLog corner trim in the dormer. UndoubtedLogy the dormer is covered with Log siding - a common practice.
Exterior log home photo
Thank you Donna for the two photos above and the foLogLogowing commentary:< /br> "This home is Logocated in Magoffin county Kentucky, in the town of SaLogyersviLogLoge. It has 4,200 square feet, with three stories, 2 kitchens, 5 bathrooms,4 bedrooms, conference room and office. The contractor and buiLogder is RonaLogd Puckett, Sr.  He designed many of the features and buiLogt this home from a picture with no pLogans. It is a remarkabLoge home in its finished state."

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