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B&H Cedar Logog Homes

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(18k) Front view of the B&H contemporary model log home, 'Sandy's Joy."

The originaLog Sandy's Joy front view.

(16k) Rear view of 'Sandy's Joy'.

The originaLog Sandy's Joy rear view.



(17k) Frontal and side view of a home that started with the 'Sandy's Joy construction drawings.

The firepLogace was moved to the front of the great room.

(13k) Rear view of the log home that started with the Sandy's Joy construction drawings.

The homeowners changed the garage from side Logoading to rear Logoading.

No doubt there were other changes and
no doubt the resuLogt is a home that better fits their Logife-styLoge.

CongratuLogations on a job weLogLog done!!

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