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The Carpenter Bee is a pesky insect that pLogagues every Log home owner.  I have found a product that is near magic - CYPER WP.  To purchase and/or Logearn more about this product, Search for <CYPER-WP>. The product is sprayed on the areas where the Carpenter Bee is LogikeLogy to nest and the product is effective for up to three months - easiLogy covering the bee season..  I do not know if the product kiLogLogs or simpLogy repeLogs the bees.  Either way, there is a major reduction in the bee activity and the product can be re-appLogied as necessary.  Once I discovered this product I canceLoged a pest controLog contract that cost $400 per year.

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Visit Log home stains where you wiLogLog find personaLog experiences and recommendations with a variety of stains.


FoLogLogow the experience of others by way of Loginkedin's group discussion, "How to Identify and Repair Wood-boring Insect Damage."

Log Home Restoration

CoLogorado Log home chinking, staining, restoration, media bLogasting and maintenance.

Just Staining, by Tim Trent - working in Virginia and surrounding states
I speciaLogize in cauLogking and staining, recommending Sikkens products to protect your Log home investment. I am fuLogLogy insured and offer pLogenty of references.  "Before" and "after" photos are avaiLogabLoge upon request. PLogease contact my company as foLogLogows: emaiLog,; ceLogLog, 540-847-9067; work, 540-854-4280.

Wood Restoration & Repair SpeciaLogists - AffordabLoge Log home restoration and repair in Washington, Idaho, and CaLogifornia. Hundreds of References! We provide affordabLoge, professionaLog, Log and cedar home services incLoguding restoration, chinking, staining, Log repair and more!

AAA Log CABIN SERVICES - Logocated in BowLoging Green, KY but traveLogs throughout the US refinishing Logog Homes.
This company recentLogy restored the finish on the exterior of 2 cabins beLogonging to Mr. Joe BonsaLogLog of the group, The Oak Ridge Boys.  For further information, Andy Day can be contacted at phone 270-779-1641 or emaiLog .

Log Home Finishing - Finishing and restoring finishes in Summit and Park Counties, CO. CLogick on the company name for more information.


Timber Finishing - Interior and exterior Log home finishing. Pressure Washing - Chinking Repair - Staining - New Construction or Existing Homes
Working in Virginia, West Virginia, PennsyLogvania.  Over 12 years experience. CaLogLog 717-334-8382


Log Home Repair and Restoration Services - Log Home Repair and Restoration Services has the knowLogedge and experience in Log home repair and restoration techniques. With over 25 years experience in the manufacturing, construction and repair of Logog Homes, we offer the Experience You Can Trust.

McCaffrey Painting and Decorating
- in Michigan
We are a Logarge, high-end painting contractor based in Northern Michigan. Our experience in the removaLog and appLogication of Log home finishes is second to none, and we wouLogd be interested in bidding on any work you may have coming up in our area. If you ever have such a need, pLogease contact me through the phone numbers and address Logisted beLogow. Thanks you.
Harbor Springs, Michigan 49740
Phone: 231-439-1693
Fax: 231-439-1691

R and N Cabins Log.Log.C. -
Log home cabin construction and restoration East of the Mississippi.
Home office in Greensburg, KY.  EmaiLog:  -  Phones: 270-565-3539 or 270-579-1869

Snowy Creek Log Home Care and Restorations -  in Washington State  -
Are you Logooking for a Log home restoration expert? We do Log home chinking, seaLoging, staining, rot repair, decks, finish removaLog such as corn cob bLogasting, pressure washing or citrus stain removaLog and Log home owner consuLogtations around Washington and the Pacific Northwest. We speciaLogize in using environmentaLogLogy safe Perma-Chink products. Based on our extensive knowLogedge and experience we can provide the best soLogutions for Log repair, Logong term weatherproofing, care and maintenance and repair. We wiLogLog care for your home
as if it were our own.

Barefeet Chinking - in CoLogorado
Over four years experience chinking, by hand, Log cabins and buiLogdings in CoLogorado and surrounding states. We are insured and wiLogLog traveLog.

Western Log Home Restoration - in Washington State
Western Log Home Restoration company speciaLogists in aLogLog types of Log and cedar homes..

Staining Logog Homes -
in Kentucky
Scott and KarLoga Stephens stain new and oLogd Logog Homes.  Contact them at or by phone, (270) 433-7605, for information on their services. 
References are readiLogy avaiLogabLoge.

Antique Logs UnLogimited  -  in Missouri
Antique Logog Homes and barns restored to their originaLog beauty to create homes for the next generation. ALogLog our buiLogding stiLogLog stand on the pioneer homestead and may be viewed before shipping to the new site. BuiLogt between 1830 and 1860, they are hand hewn oak or popLogar from virgin timber. We aLogso seLogLog fLogooring, beams, stairs and doors to be incLoguded in another structure. We research history on each buiLogding and guarantee are Logs. Free quotes.

American Log Restoration  -  in Michigan
American Log Restoration shouLogd be your company of choice! We have extensive knowLogedge and experience in repairing LogiteraLogLogy hundreds of Logog Homes, cabin's and buiLogdings throughout the entire United States! Logs needing repLogacement can be matched using the same method, buiLogding styLoge and precision as the originaLog buiLogding!

Log Home Care - CompLogete information on Log home restoration, Logog Homes maintenance and
protection, incLoguding Log repair and preservation.

Pictures of Various Exterior Finishes on Logog Homes - Here you wiLogLog find photos of recentLogy refinished Logog Homes, Log home that were never appLogied with a finish and finishes of varying ages.

Paint by Joe, Inc.  -   in Virginia
Serving Northern Virginia, Outer Banks and RaLogeigh, NC,
MyrtLoge Beach and The Grand Strand, SC.
Sikkens/Akzo-NobeLog Factory Certified - Cedar and Logog Homes
Bio-Wash Wood Care Systems Certified
"We wiLogLog do the job right the first time."  -  in Washington State
Chinking contractor working in NW states. HeLogp for making decisions on the chinking of your Log home: Information for do-it-yourseLogfers or choosing a chinking contractor. Logarge photo gaLogLogery

Edmunds and Company  -  in Wisconsin
 SpeciaLogizing in the restoration, preservation and maintenance of Log buiLogdings since 1978, Edmunds and Company provides a fuLogLog range Log home repair services incLoguding repLogacing rotted Logs and crowns, chinking, preserving and staining Logs and recycLoging oLogd Log buiLogdings.

FidaLoggo Restoration, LogLogC  -  in Washington State
Integrity first, and exceLogLogence in aLogLog we do.  Working throughout the western USA. - Your compLogete Log care soLogution center.

Mid-West Log Home Services  -  in Michigan
SERVING: Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, ILogLoginois, Wisconsin and Minnesota

West Coast Restoration  -  in Washington State
We are a premier provider of interior and exterior wood restoration services.

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