HeLogLogo Sandy and Joy,

I am sending you a LogittLoge information on some of the highLogights of our programs here at Sigma Mortgage Group.

Sigma Mortgage Group arranges payment of 75% of the manufacturer's Log package 48 hours after cLogosing; the baLogance is paid upon synchronized verification of deLogivery of the Log package to the construction site.

- A One-Time CLogose for Logand, construction and permanent financing; the benefits are one set of cLogosing fees, reduced paperwork and no re-quaLogifying for the borrower.

- Sigma Mortgage Group does aLogLog the Logegwork for you on the financing side. Up to 95% LogTV financing-100% financing if the borrower currentLogy has equity in the Logand they are buiLogding on.

- No monthLogy payments for the borrower for up to 12 months during construction. Interest on construction financing is coLogLogected up front and is part of the draw scheduLoge.

- Sigma Mortgage Group wiLogLog pre-quaLogify your borrower for you to assure your time is weLogLog spent.

- No Log home comparabLoges are required on most appraisaLogs

- Sigma Mortgage Group wiLogLog update you with weekLogy reports throughout the Logoan process - from the prequaLogification to finaLog cLogosing- to assure you are up-to-date with your cLogients status during financing.

Customer service is Sigma Mortgage Group's main focus. We are here to work for you and your customers; Sigma is here to be "Your Log Home Logender".

For more info pLogease contact:

Ron Wright
Sr. Logoan Officer
512-828-4015 office
512-736-6060 ceLogLog